Cost of Living in Munich (2023)

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Anonymous on Nov 11, 2022:

FYI companies that lure foreigners to Germany working for their companies get a tax break the other unspoken rule.

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2022:

The amounts offered by companies sounds great but the majority of foreigners relocating to Germany never think about two very important aspects.VAT VALUE ADDED TAX plus starting taxes is 18% and up to 33 % depending upon your pay scale.Crunch vat tax plus 18% on the eur at the lowest tax rate which is still substantial being.46 eur on every eur you earn.Basically .54 eur net before rent utilities and other expenses which is the actual breakdown.

averagesalary on Nov 02, 2022:

How can average salary in Munich be 3300 Euros after taxes? I think this statistics makes no sense for whole Munich. Maybe this should be changed to “average salary of contributors”

kkgs on Sep 18, 2022:

What are your thoughts about 75K yearly gross? Is it enough for a person who come from abroad?
I’m looking for max approx. 1250€ (warm rent) apartments but i cannot estimate rest of my salary would be enough to live, decent life and save money?
Thanks a lot

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2022:

Apartment rents are way too high in Munich. Even in the outskirt areas. If you want to have a three bedroom apartment at the edge of munich, you would need more than 1800 monthly. Then add all the utility costs and don't forget the rising prices if energy.

What is average depends on your job, skills, degrees, lifestyle,... In essence, what do you expect to do with your salary?

And bear in mind that Germans will always try to underpay foreigners (it doesn't matter if you are from India, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe) because they will always come to the point that you do not speak perfect German language which is a "requirement" for a job.

Anonymous on Aug 16, 2022:

Is 55,000K is a good salary for a single person to live in Munich and save some as well?

Shubham on Aug 12, 2022:


I'm getting 4k euro Gross salary at munich, after tax around 2500 euros, I'm from India is it good or average or below average salary.
I'm having 1lk INR salary right now in India, got this offer and bit confused to move ahead with offer.


(Video) How much does it COST to LIVE in MUNICH? | Cost of Living + Apartment Hunting Tips *must watch*

Any on Mar 18, 2022:

Hello . I am single and have received a job offer for Munich.
Can you tell me if 74 K gross annual salary is enough for one person?

Mahesh on Mar 14, 2022:

I a planning to move to Munich with an annual CTC of Euro 150,000. We are a family of three - me, my wife and son. My Wife is a home maker and Son will start to go to uni. Any pointers on deductions, cost of living and appx net savings.

Kind Regards.

Anonymous on Mar 09, 2022:

2300 for a 3 bedroom apartment in Munich is just not correct it would be MINIMUM 3000 euros a month

Chirag on Oct 21, 2021:

Hi Hemanth

You can calculate salary, tax and other things in below link. It is very useful

MK HEMANTH KUMAR on Oct 10, 2021:

My daughter got job in Munich in the month on July 2021 after completing her masters in micro Electronics.
Please mail me the actual/ average cost of living in Munich at present.
Her gross pay is 5875 / month.
What % would be the income tax.
Next year 2022 in 1st quarter I am planning her marriage.
What all benefits will she be eligible after marriage.
Like income tax benefit, etc

Anonymous on Oct 06, 2021:

88k EUR gross in Munich, as a single living at a place nicely connected with Hauptbahnhof. I used which estimates net monthly salary around 4200 EUR. What should I expect the total cost to be? I assume rent+grocery+public transport should consume at most 2000 EUR, is that a good estimate?

Anonymous on Aug 25, 2021:

@Margret for a developer 24k in Germany is crap

Klaudia on Aug 03, 2021:

(Video) Cost of Living in Munich

@Margret 24k per year in Munich (but also in Germany) is far too low and will not be sufficient for living in Munich! On average a junior software developer in Munich gets around 50k per year. 24k in netto is only around 17k which is around 1.4k per month. Unless you're lucky, you should expect to pay min. 600 Euro rent per month (not an apartment, just a room).

Margret on Jul 11, 2021:

I have a job offer as junior software developer in München around 24k per year and I do not know the actual life costs in this big city. I hope one can read this and give a me a feedback.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2021:

I have lived in both Munich and Toronto for the last 10 years (Corona made it more difficult) but based on my experience, Toronto is more expensive than Munich, virtually in all aspects, other than energy (gas, electricity). I would estimate about 10-15%, without rent/real estate, although downtown real estate is actually comparable. I have a similar size condo in each city, in a comparable area, and the real estate value would be exactly the same. The 5.99% cheaper Toronto as suggested by this site is IMHO not realistic, when compared apples to apples, unless the site compares tax-included prices in Munich with tax-excluded prices in Toronto (as most sticker prices would be) , in which case my estimate would also be correct.

Sofianets on May 05, 2021:

Is Nuremberg more affordable? I like its location (closer to the Czech Republic like Klatovy and Pilsen, the beer capital).

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2021:

I am single living in Munich in a 90 sq meter apartment which cost cold , Euro 2,100 per month around 2,600 bills included . Therefore , Euro 4,000 puts a roof over your head and a few extras , with little left over .. Munich is now to expensive

Anonymous on Feb 04, 2021:

Merkel stopped the flow of middle eastearners two months ago due to civil unrest.Try a different country

Anonymous on Feb 04, 2021:

No that's minimum wage each year not nearly enough for one person. A family of 4 would need 260k to live a decent life.

Rakesh Kumar on Feb 02, 2021:


I have a family of 3(including 2 years old baby) and got offer of 80K per anum. Is this sufficient to save some while leaving a decent life?

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2020:

Germany isn't accepting anymore Pakistanis according to Angela Merkel.

Hamza Hassan on Apr 28, 2020:

I am a student from Pakistan, Now i have a opportunity to move Munich for studies.
Kindly tell me cost of living and Job opportunity in Munich as student.
Second one, I work on internet and get some earning... if collectively (job + online) earning cross 6000£ per month, i declare to pay Tax,
if yes how much i pay.
i can't fix earrings.

(Video) Monthly cost of living in Munich (Germany) || Expense Tv

Jay on Mar 01, 2020:

I am looking forward to work as a researcher in physics in germany. How much would I be able to save?

Dejan on Feb 08, 2020:

I'm Graphic Designer. Can you tell me how much should I expect for monthly net salary?

Swidomyj Swin Parasj on Nov 07, 2019:

For a family of three it would certainly lead to some constraints. Bear in mind that even a 3-room apartment in a suburb of Munich would cost around 1500 eur including utilities. If you have a smaller child, you will probably want to send him to a pre-school or a kindergarten, which is also around 200-400 eur (there are of course more expensive ones, but I stick to the average) a month. Then you‘ll probably want a car, which you‘ll need insurance and gasoline and - maybe - an underground garage for, another few hundreds of euros depending on the type of car. And of course you want to save some money for urgent issues, travelling and further stuff AND you certainly dont want to hang around in the apartment all the time but enjoy some culture/leisure. So try to calculate...We are a family of two and have around 7000 net and for us it is definitely not enough - which some here would consider crazy, but as I said: depends on your lifestyle and priorities!

S Chathuranga Jayasinghe on Sep 13, 2019:

I read the comments here and what i got is, If I'm getting a 6000 Eur salary I will get only 4020 Eur (33% tax reduction). Is it enough for a family of 3???

#van on Sep 02, 2019:

to #Ricardo
62k is sufficient for living here with your family.
Unfortunately you will not have much opportunity to choose where to live as the demand is insane :(
Flat in the center or house in the outskirts will be too expensive: 1600 - 2000.
Most likely you will rent a flat in the outskirts but this is fine as the transport network is really great!

van on Sep 02, 2019:

#Madhusudhana Reddy: 90,000 is a very high salary for Munich and Berlin.
Your taxes will depend on different factors.
For instance I have a child and my wife does not work - I pay ~35% in taxes / contributions.

Madhusudhana Reddy taniparthy on Aug 31, 2019:

I am from India.I want to live in Germany.If I get Salary 90000 euro per annum, how much tax will be deducted from my salary.What is cost of living in Berlin..

Gartner on Aug 19, 2019:

Munich's after tax net salary 2.695€?! hahahaha!! Probably for people with university degrees working in very skilled jobs. That's more than 4.000€ brut per month!

The reality is that in Munchen the average salary is around 2000-2100€/net , a lot of people earn 1500€ or less in normal jobs. Not everyone is an engineer earning 3000€ net !!!

(Video) COST OF LIVING IN MUNICH – How much do we spend per month living in Germany?

Ricardo on Aug 19, 2019:


I'm from Brazil and I just received a job offer for IT related job with 62K/year annual salary for Munich.
Is it ok for a family of 4? (2 sons - 18yo and 4yo)
Also, is it better to rent an apartment nearby the centre or a house outside the centre?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous on Aug 10, 2019:

You can live comfortably on 1,300 euro per month in Munich excluding what you mentioned but why would you want to? The euro is very volatile and gradually dropping like a rock.

Anonymous on Jul 29, 2019:

Hey , I am wondering if a couple can have good average life in Munich with 1300 euro that's excluding (rent , utilities , clothes , travels)?

Joe Doe on Jun 15, 2019:

--> Camel : That's an old calculator, but not that much different from the current rates

Camel on May 15, 2019:

---> Anonymous, it looks that Germany has chosen the way of socialism, good luck. The calculator of taxation of the salary is by the following link

Anonymous on May 08, 2019:

Anything above 6,000 euros falls into the 33% bracket in Munich so tax on your salary mentioned would be 2,221.89 euros per month.Current percentage rate as of 2019 but starting January 1,2020 the new percentage will be 39.7%.Taxes are automatically withdrawn each month not quarterly or annually.I'm a senior accountant in Munich.


What about the income tax to be paid for a monthly salary of 6000 euros

Anonymous on Mar 07, 2019:

Might want to put any plans of moving to Germany Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe on hold.Brexit will make it very difficult for everything especially since the Eurozone is collapsing rapidly.We got out of Europe in December.


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